Achieve Better Performance

Culture Change

Innovative Practices fromHigh Performance Sport and Technology.

Increase Business and Team Performance

Get Ahead of Transitions

Communicate with your team in 'their' language. Ensure they are aligned with organizational values, business strategy and with 'the plan'. Everyone will perform at a higher level.

Lead by Example

As a business leader, you've got to increase your skills and lead your team by example. They're looking to you for approval and guidance - lead the way!

Lead by Example
Build Your Culture

Hire Smart

Hiring Smart means attracting and retaining the right employees. From the 1st hire or scaling up. It's all hands on deck in building your culture!

Expand to the US Market

Reduce the risk of doing business in the US. Understand the US culture. Position your company and employees for strategic advantage in the US market.

Lead by Example

Culture Change Leaders

Randy Fisher

Randy Fisher is a leader in organizational improvement, community-building and team cohesion. He is an expert in customer discovery, UX research and customer experience.

Randy Fisher
Peter McCrory

Peter McCrory

Peter is a seasoned operations leader, business transformation and change specialist. He's worked with Accenture, EY, PwC, and is the President of Triathlon Canada. He was the Director of the Olympic Oval in Calgary; a helicopter navigator in the UK Royal Armed Forces and is an Ironman Triathlete.

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